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wow I got a bunch of new followers lately, thank you guys for following! and thanks to everyone who has been following me!

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I’m putting up prints of my Sailor Moon illustrations for purchase on INPRNT!

They’re offering free shipping until Sunday the 21st.

The first piece listed here will be shown at the Treviso Comic Book Festival thanks to artist Lucia Fioretti!

Don’t see a piece you’d like to buy? Shoot me a request, and I’ll make it available :)

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I always dreamed of having a sailor moon room as a kid… And I finally followed through. That’s what’s fun about growing up—You get to live your dreams (pω・q)

Artbooks and Manga and all the heavenly inspiration by Naoko Takeuchi (of course).

All the Sailor Moon toys in this photo are from Bandai, and bought through yahoo! auctions japan or eBay. The anniversary toys were purchased via premium Bandai, and some are made by Proplica. The more silvery crescent moon wand was bought at TOYS R’US way back in the day.

Pen cases by Toei Animation and Seika Co., Ltd. The perfume in the Sailor Moon Stars case is Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood, and the pink plastic kids’ boudoir is by yutaka and was found on yahoo auctions japan… Someone had salvaged it from a junkyard.

Toys on top from Madoka Magica put out by the Good Smile Company (kaname madoka) and SEVEN TWO72 (kyubey). Cake box by Swimmer bought in Harajuku, easter basket is from when I was a kid.

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Jupiter Power, make up!

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This episode was really nice, it was my favorite of the episodes so far! I think the extra time was what the animation team needed because this episode had pretty much no wonky animation. On top of that the timing has improved with this episode, I really liked how they developed Mako’s character. I hope this just the beginning of things to come, I can’t wait!

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Hey I like the new dub already! Naru sounds completely different from the original japanese and english dub.

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