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Sailor Moon S is probably to blame for the style I ended up having. Trying to deal with an art rut is hard, though.

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Sailor Moon Eyecatch iPhone Background || Requested by ofsunanddragons

Do not claim as your own. Please like or reblog if using.

Click to enlarge.

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We all have unshakable wills
We will fight on our own
Without leaving our destiny to a prince

We are not helpless girls
Who need men’s protection

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Part II of the “we are all fans” images. Someone pointed out on the last one that dub fans “didn’t count.” Wrong. 

It doesn’t matter if you watched it dubbed or subbed - we are all fans. Different strokes for different folks, guys. Why do you care if someone likes it in a different language or a different adaptation? Will it really ruin your experience?

Again, we are all fans. Peace, love, and moon prism power, all.

(Also, forgive me if I got any of these wrong - please just send me a note and let me know the correction, and I’ll update it.)

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Fanart by sizh.

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Fanart by sugarmints.

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